Gusha Art Gallery Terms & Conditions of Hire

Gusha Visual Media is a company owned and operated by Pro Framer Pty Ltd, trading as Gusha Visual Media (hereinafter referred to as "Gusha").
The Terms and Conditions of hire should be read in full as your agreeance on the application form and your payment on the invoice commits you and your organisation to accept and honour each condition.
Failure to comply with any of these conditions will result in your booking being cancelled by Gusha.
Breaches of the terms and conditions including providing misleading or incorrect information on applications may result in termination or forfeit of the Gallery bond.


a) The Hirer must be at least 18 years of age. You may be required to supply photo ID.
b) The Gallery is manned by Gusha staff during business hours of 9 - 5pm Mon - Fri, and 10-3pm on Saturdays. The staff are available to assist with enquiries and sales if the Hirer is not present.
c) The stated building capacity of 100 for the Gallery must not be exceeded at any time. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure capacity is not exceeded.
d) The hiring is personal to the Hirer. It cannot be assigned in whole or in part. This means that you cannot impart your responsibilities on to other parties or sub-hire to others.
e) It is by the artist’s own arrangement that any money transfer or selling takes place on the premises; Gusha does not take any responsibility.
f) Cash or valuables should not be held on the premises.
g) Gusha does not take any commission for the sale of any works.
h) The Hirer must notify the Police immediately if there is any trouble with uninvited guests and report any undesirable or illegal activities that take place in or outside the Gallery for the hire period.
i) The Hirer must not make any changes / additions or undertake any building works to the structure or grounds of the Gallery without prior written Gusha consent. This includes the use of nails and screws on the walls.
j) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the health and safety of any and all persons in attendance.
k) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to inspect the Gallery premises throughout the hire period to ensure its condition is safe and fit for the purpose of the hire. Any issues should be reported to Gusha as soon as possible.
l) The Hirer must not remove or permit the removal of any furniture, equipment or contents from the Gallery without the permission of Gusha.
m) The Hirer must not use the premises for any activity which may pollute the environment.
n) No animals are permitted in Gusha premises, other than guide dogs for the visually impaired or registered companion animals and official animals of the NSW Police.
o) The Hirer must respect the other users of the premises at all times.
p) Gusha staff can freely enter the Gallery if required for general maintenance and inspections at any time without notice.
q) In consultation with the Hirer, Gusha may request to hold workshops or meetings during their hire period outside the advertised opening hours.
r) The Facility (ie the Gallery, kitchen, toilets) must be kept in a clean and tidy state at all times and comply with Work, Health and Safety regulations.


a) Bookings are for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks, unless by other arrangement with Gusha.

b) The Gallery is available only from the booked commencement time of hire. Hirers must allow bump in and out time, including cleaning in the hire period stated on the hire application form. Early entry or failure to vacate the Facility at the end of the hire period may result in the loss of the Hirer’s security bond, charges for cleaners, staff or repair and could also impact on other exhibition Hirers.

c) Hours of use are between 7am and 11pm. Please be considerate of neighbours when entering and leaving the premises.


a) Gusha reserves the right to refuse exhibition of artworks that do not comply with Gusha’s ethos.


a) Gusha maintains a public liability insurance policy which may provide coverage to Hirers in certain circumstances.

b) It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that artworks are suitably insured. Gusha’s insurance does not extend to artworks.


a) For a list of current fees and charges visit

b) Gusha can accept payment by cash, credit card and EFTPOS in person or credit card payment over the telephone. Payment can also be made by direct deposit online.

c) An emergency call out fee may be applicable if the call out is due to the Hirer’s actions.

d) If additional cleaning is required the cleaning charge per hour per cleaner will be charged.

e) Bond payments are accepted within 21 business days of the hire period commencement date by credit card and EFTPOS, in person or by credit card over the telephone, or by direct deposit online.

f) Refer to the fees and charges for the bond amount.

g) Hirers are required to clean the Gallery and return it to its original state within the allocated booking time only. If additional cleaning is required Hirers are responsible for the full cost (which will be deducted from the bond). In the event of a dispute as to whether additional cleaning is required, the decision of Gusha will prevail.


a) Hirers must give Gusha notice in writing of cancellation otherwise the applicable cancellation fee will apply.
b) Gusha reserves the right to cancel bookings where circumstances so warrant. These may include, but are not limited to, emergency situations and adverse environmental / weather conditions, major renovations or for Gusha use. If the booking is cancelled by Gusha booking fee will be refunded.


a) Hirers must state precisely the type of activity to take place and use the premises for that purpose.

b) Bookings can be made up to 12 months prior to the commencement of the Gallery Hire.

c) The Hirer is to use only the portion of the Gallery for which a fee has been paid. Hirers must adhere strictly to the agreed hiring hours. Setting-up and packing up time must be included in the hiring period as access to the premises cannot be guaranteed outside these hours.

d) Gusha should be informed immediately in writing of any changes to booking information such as times, contacts, address for invoice etc. An administration fee may apply when a booking has already been confirmed in writing is amended.


a) Keys may only be collected after the applicable bond has been paid and within 5 business days of the hire period commencing.

b) The keys must be returned after completion of the hire period by the next working day during business hours to the Booking Office.

c) Security keys are not permitted to be copied. If additional keys are required, the Hirer must contact the Booking Officer.

d) The key issue fee will be charged for additional keys and replacement.


a) Use of resins, epoxies, oil paints, solvents, enamels, aerosols i.e. fixatives, spray paint are not permitted on the premises
b) All materials are correctly disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.
c) Barbeques, open flames and fireworks are not permitted
d) Candles may only be used if secured in a suitable stand that minimises risk and prevents wax from dripping on tables or floors.
e) Total Fire Bans must be observed in the surrounding grounds of the venue when in force.


a) The Hirer must familiarise themselves with the emergency exits, fire extinguishers, fire hoses and facility evacuation procedures in case of an emergency.
b) The Hirer must ensure that all exit doors and access to fire equipment are kept clear.
c) The Hirer should fully familiarise her / himself with any safety information provided by Gusha. The Hirer needs to take reasonable care to protect the artworks from damaging the gallery walls.
d) The Hirer must not place any substance on the floors that would alter or damage the surface.
e) The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that fire equipment is not discharged, used or interfered with for any reason other than its designated purpose. Gusha must be notified as soon as possible if equipment has been used for any purpose.
f) The Hirer should provide their own first aid kit.


a) Hirers are responsible for setting up, cleaning and packing away any furniture and equipment used during their hire period. All furniture should be returned to the store location or left where it is found ensuring that all fire exits are left clear at all times.
b) Furniture and equipment in the Gallery is an approximate number only and may vary. Gusha reserves the right to remove / replace as it deems necessary. If the Hirer requires additional furniture and equipment to those available then it is the Hirer’s responsibility to organise.
c) Furniture and equipment must be carried, not dragged on the floor.
d) It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all furniture and equipment brought in externally for a function/ activity is removed prior to the end of the hire period. Failure to remove such equipment may result in the levying of a further fee.
e) If equipment, furniture or art are left at the Gallery after the hire period, Gusha reserves the right to remove them, and if not claimed, to dispose of them.


a) Hirers are required to bring their own cleaning materials, sponges, tea towels and garbage bags for extra rubbish.
b) Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the hired space is left clean and ready for the next user. This includes wiping down benches, tables, and sinks, removing all personal equipment and food, mopping up spills and sweeping the floor.
c) Gallery hooks and cables may be left in place for the next Hirer, unless otherwise arranged by Gusha.
d) Rubbish is to be placed in bins provided. Bin liners are to be tied and full rubbish bags are to be placed in external bin. Should the exterior waste bins be full, the Hirer is responsible for removing their waste or any overflow from the Gallery.


a) A display frame will be provided by Gusha where hiring artists can display exhibition posters if required.


Before leaving the premises Hirers must:
a) Turn off all lights (including in the toilets), heaters, cooking appliances etc.
b) Check that all doors and windows are locked. If you leave it is your responsibility to ensure that the Gallery is secure.


a) The Hirer is responsible for the full replacement cost of any damage or breakages to the building, its fittings, contents and grounds that take place within their hire period. Any damage must be immediately reported to Gusha.
b) The Hirer is responsible for reporting any damages, breakages to the building, its fittings, contents and grounds which exist at the commencement of the hire period.
c) The Hirer is responsible for reporting health and safety hazards.
d) Gusha does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of Hirer’s property. Any equipment, property or art work left in the Gallery, is left at the Hirer’s own risk.


a) The Hirer should ensure that no vehicle obstructs access in any way, or contravenes any restricted parking signs.
b) There are no car parking spaces available on site during 9-5pm, Monday to Friday.
c) Hirers are advised not to leave valuables in vehicles.


Gusha prohibits smoking inside the Gallery building and within 10 metres of entrances. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that this policy is adhered to.


a) Permission may be granted for the consumption of alcohol by those over 18. Hirers are reminded of their legal obligation to ensure that liquor is not consumed by those under 18 years of age and their obligations under the Responsible Service of Alcohol laws.
b) Alcohol is not permitted to be sold at the Gallery as this requires a liquor licence.


a) Please consider the interests of the Gallery’s neighbours at all times. Activities at the Gallery should not overly impact on local residents.
b) Noise levels must be kept to an acceptable level at all times. Failure to reduce noise levels at the request of either Gusha staff or the police will result in the function being stopped.
c) If commercial recorded music is used in the Gallery by Hirers it is the responsibility of the Hirer to comply with all copyright and APRA requirements.
d) All music or amplified sound must cease at 10pm and comply with environment regulations.


a) It is the primary responsibility of the Hirer to promote and advertise their activities and services. All promotion activities provided by the Gusha are subject to continuous review, and changes will be made as and when necessary.
Please retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Hire for your records.

Last updated: March 2019