Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Gusha Pro offers giclée print services including the manufacture of acrylic 'glass' face mounted prints, canvas printing & stretching, giclée art paper printing, and photo print and artwork repair work.

What file format do you require to make a print?

We use JPEG and TIFF formats for printing. JPEG is preferred due to the compact file size. In terms of print quality, there is no difference in quality between JPEG and TIFF file formats. 

Files should be supplied in RGB colour using the Adobe (1998) colour space. We can print from PDF files. CMYK colour will be converted to RGB before going ahead to print your work.

Explore more about how to prepare photos and artworks here.

Do you print from negative?

Unfortunately we don't. We only print from digital files, so if you scan your negative film and send us the jpg/tiff image, we'll be able to print for you.

Where do you ship to?

We send orders Australia wide. We are happy to quote postage for many international destinations.

How are orders posted? With Australia Post?

Yes, we often use Australia Post. Additionally, postage to Sydney & Newcastle destinations we may use a courier company. For consignments sent beyond these areas we primarily use Couriers Please and TNT.

Can I track my order?

Yes we provide tracking numbers once a print order has been sent.

How quickly will my order be completed?

Print only photo and art paper printing has a turnaround of 1-2 days. Larger orders and/or larger prints may take 4-5 days. Turnaround time for canvas prints is 7-14 days. Acrylic face mounts generally have a 2-3 week turnaround.

Is turnaround time dependent on size, i.e. longer time for larger canvases?

Turnaround time is somewhat dependent on size but volume is more likely to increase turnaround time.

How do you ship the canvas mounted on wooden frames?

We wrap them in bubble wrap with protective cardboard corners. We then add protective cardboard to protect against impact. The package is then finished with freight details including the delivery address.

What's the difference between acrylic and canvas finishes?

Acrylic finish - a 'glass' like finish, reflective, a very contemporary looking finish. They are heavier which can have implications for hanging and freight.

Canvas finish - a matte, non-reflective finish. They are light and easy to hang. They're also more affordable than acrylic.

How long will your acrylic and canvas prints last?

We expect both products to look great for a very long time, 20-50+ years. However, the longevity of printed artworks is highly dependent on where they are displayed. Humidity, bright light, and unstable atmospheric conditions will influence the print lifespan. Acrylic ‘glass’ mounts are an excellent choice for longevity as the print is almost completely enclosed from the surrounding atmospheric conditions. 

Would it be ok to deliver the file on a USB memory device?

Yes. Alternatively, you can send the files to us online using this Hightail link.

I am interested in printing some images on acrylic. I see you have a method to upload the images, so I’d like to know what you require to process the order and also for me to make payment?

We need a JPEG file, your name and a contact phone number. We also need a delivery address if you need prints sent to you. We’ll create your order then email the order details to you with payment instructions. You can pay by Visa or MasterCard over the phone or by direct deposit to our bank account using your internet banking.

Do you know any websites where I can buy the image and you can print and mount it on acrylic for me? I need a rectangular size of at least 100cm long.

Some good websites to try are:




 - (more expensive but high quality)

 - (more expensive but high quality)

There are many photos and graphics on these websites. The quality is usually high and photos are available in different resolutions. The size/resolution of photos that you’ll need for good quality printing will need to be approx 3000-3500px (or larger) on the long side.

If I purchased a movie poster print - size approx 27" x 40" (from US - portrait shape) can I get it acrylic mounted?

The short answer is yes we can! The results can be very good. However, there are a few points to consider. When we make the prints to face mount to the acrylic we use a very flat (gloss) paper. The surface of the poster paper may not be as well suited for face mounting. This can cause a slight 'haziness' particularly in darker tones. The other thing to realise is that the poster will be trimmed down by approx 5mm on each edge. 

Can you recommend any custom picture framers in Sydney?

Below is a list of picture framers who we've found produce consistent levels of quality and service:

Dee Why

Framing on a Budget ph 02 9971 8141

Manly Vale

FrameUs ph 02 9020 6070

Mona Vale

ArtForm ph 02 9979 4159


Art Smart ph 02 9949 7477

Warners Bay, Newcastle

Picture Point (02) 4954 5400

Aaron Framed It

What’s the difference between poster matte and Ilford Pearl?

Poster matte has a matte finish and is slightly cheaper than Ilford Pearl. Poster matte has been selected for cost effective large poster prints. Ilford Pearl has a semi-gloss finish and is a better choice archivally for picture framing. The plastic component of Ilford Pearl provides better rigidity and this paper will last longer and look better over time.

Do you have any advice on hanging large prints?

If you have hollow walls made with plasterboard (eg Giproc or drywall) then simple, nail in, brass picture hooks are ideal for pictures with a weight of up to 5-6kg. If you have cement walls you have two options. You can drill in and use 6mm plastic wall plugs and then simply add a screw. The second popular option is buying stick on (eg Command brand hooks) strip hooks. Download our guide to picture hanging fixings and options.

For heavier acrylic pictures we supply two D-ring hangers attached at the back of the picture. Here is an excellent video demonstrating how to hang prints that use this hanging system:

Do you offer discounts?

Unfortunately we don't offer additional discounts for stretched canvas prints or acrylic face mounts. However, if you do have a larger order with multiple prints, we are happy to provide the most competitive quote we can given the numbers and sizes of print that you require. 

Additionally, for rolled canvas and paper prints, we do offer quantity discounting:

Spend between $50-$100 receive 10% off

Spend between $100-$450 receive 15% off

Spend over $450 receive 20% off

These discounts are calculated automatically when ordered.

When I send you my photos, what guarantee / security does Gusha Pro offer to ensure that they won't be copied / reused / resold for any other purchase but printing for me? Are they safe when I send them to you?

We understand your concerns regarding copyright of your work. Please be assured that images (files, photos, scans, digital illustrations, original artworks etc) submitted to Gusha Pro will only be used for the reproduction and purpose requested by the customer. Gusha Pro claims no ownership of said images and will gain no benefit by marketing or reproducing images without prior consent from the customer. Gusha Pro will digitally store submitted images in the customer’s archive file for record purposes only and commits to take due diligence in keeping them secure from plagiarism. Gusha Pro does not guarantee the images will be stored for any set period and images may be deleted at any time. 

We hope this provides some reassurance against plagiarism of your work.

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