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Below are some guidelines for preparing your images for giclée printing at Gusha Pro. With assistance from suppliers, our computers and printers have been calibrated and profiled for colour matching. We generally work with clients carefully to meet their colour print requirements, whether it's confirmation of acceptable colour on screen at our office or a proof print supplied with each order (additional charges apply). Alternatively, many customers will provide their own small proof print (eg A4 size) with the colours that their happy with. We can then check colour using that proof print before producing an expensive canvas print or acrylic face mount.

How do I prepare image files, artwork and photos?

Images files should be submitted in RGB colour and we can use JPEG, TIFF or PDF file types. If you're unsure how to save or export to these formats, you can also send Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files. When saving TIFFs, please select 'LZW' file compression. Export PDF files to RGB colour (use Adobe RGB 1998 colour profile). When sending JPEGs, please use the high quality (i.e. '10-12' maximum quality setting) option to prevent compression problems.

  • Send photos & artwork in RGB colour
  • We can print using JPEG, TIFF or PDF formats.
  • Export to or convert colours to Adobe RGB (1998) colour space

Digital file resolution for digital giclée printing is dependent on the final size of the print. We ask that you supply files at 240 ppi. For example if a print of 60x40cm (24x16inch) is required, the file should be resized or cropped to 60x40cm (24x16inch) at 240 ppi. To speed up your work flow, prints with a long edge greater than 100cm may be submitted at 200 ppi.

To maximise the colour and vibrancy of your prints, we recommend working with RGB colour in the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space. This maximises the vibrancy of prints for images containing bright colours. However, we are certainly able to work with CMYK images if these are part of your normal work flow. Black and white images can be sent in greyscale format if applicable.

Acrylic Face Mounts in a Sydney business

Acrylic Face Mounts

When cropping/resizing images allow 5-10mm (0.15-0.4inches) of 'bleed' area on the edges. As an example, if you require a 610x400mm acrylic face mount, crop/resize the image to 620x410mm. For prints with a longest edge greater than 100cm, ensure that an additional 10mm is included on each edge of the cropped/resized image.

  • Include 5-10mm bleed on each edge depending on print size
  • Panoramic photos and large prints over 100cm on the long edge should include at least 10mm bleed on each edge.
stretched canvas print edge detail

Canvas Prints

Allow 4.5cm (1.75inch) on each side (top, bottom, left and right) to wrap around the stretcher frame. As an example, if you require a 60x40cm (24x16inch) stretched canvas print, crop the digital photo or artwork to 69x49cm or 27.5x19.5inches. If there is no 'extra image' at the edges of the photo, we can add a stretched effect (pixel bleed), mirrored sides, or a single colour for the wrap around the frame. (additional fees apply).

Watch the video below to get an understanding of how to prepare photos for canvas printing.

photo on canvas edge options

Easily Send Photos & Large Files

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Fine Art sketch by Bec Crocket
Artist: Bec Crocket
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