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Coated, archival, vibrant colour, neutral black and white, no cracked folds or corners, any custom size...

Prints on Canvas

With personal service and a complete colour managed process, Gusha Pro is meeting the demands of several of Sydney’s most respected photographers and artists to produce their work as canvas prints. Our premium grade canvas, Ilford fine art canvas, is a 375gsm, acid-free canvas that provides excellent image sharpness and optimum colour gradation. Combined with printers from market leaders Epson, and the Epson HDR inkset, we ensure vibrant canvas prints that have a life span of 50 years when displayed indoors.

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Canvas print above dining table

Our Canvas Prints: Key Features

Canson canvas1. We use the finest quality archival inks on 100% cotton canvases. Using Epson inkjet printers we create vibrant, light fast prints.

2. Our canvases are coated with an invisible polymer coating which creates a water resistant surface and further protects colours from fading. This finish ensures no glare or reflection and retains the texture of the cotton canvas. The coating protects the canvases in transit - particularly at the vulnerable corners of the prints. If the canvas surface is bumped and 'dented' in some way the canvas can be fixed using heat - simply leave them in the sun for a short time and they will re-stretch!

3. Each part of our production process is completed 'in-house'. We start with editing - checking/adjusting colour, printing and matching to proof images. The canvas is then coated and framed in our workshop. We offer a professional level of service that ensures attention to detail and results that you expect.

4. We can produce an infinte range of sizes the largest being 120cm wide by 350cm in length. The smallest stretcher bar size that we produce is 177mm (7 inches) long. There will never be a need to crop your art and photography because we are able to cut custom frame sizes. The stretcher profile we use most is 32mm deep. However we also have a smaller stretcher option (18mm profile) and an oversize option for very large stretched canvas prints.

Stretched Canvas

Base or Premium Canvas?

Our standard canvas (base canvas) is an unbranded canvas. This canvas is a cheaper product but is similar in texture to the Ilford canvas. Other features include more irregularities in the texture of the canvas and it is lighter in weight (gsm). Our standard canvas has a bright white appearance but we cannot achieve the same level of contrast in the prints on this canvas when compared with the premium Ilford canvas. However, in most cases, this is only evident when comparing the canvas prints side-by-side. We certainly recommend and stand by the base canvas as a low cost alternative to the premium Ilford canvas. We expect the base canvas prints to last at least 10 years.

Canvas print in a lounge room

Custom Art Stretching Service

We also provide a custom stretcher framing service for rolled or unframed canvas artworks. For example, if you purchase canvas art while on holiday overseas (such as Bali or Thailand) we can then cut custom stretcher frames to display these artworks in your home or office. Simply measure the artwork and call us for a quote.

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